• Preparing monthly and seasonal reports of sales and marketing
  • Following marketing plans in the provinces and making reports
  • Reviewing of competitors in capillary channels – major and chain
  • Updating the list of partner companies in the advertising industry (promoters, samples, printing devices)
  • Checking layout reports
  • Designing incentive programs for inspectors and promoters
  • Coordinating the implementation of projects between the hybrid unit and branches with the holding
  • Holding monthly marketing sales meetings to review market changes and product issues


  1. 3 years of work experience in the field of marketing
  2. Fluent in Excel – PowerPoint – Word
  3. Strong writing skill
  4. Strong negotiation skill
  5. Power of analysis
  6. Skilled in field research
  7. Skilled in arrangement
  8. Skilled in sales team inspection
  9. Skilled in finding advertising suppliers

Trade Marketing Expert