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Relying on God and the passionate determination of managers and personnel, Jahan Saderat Holding has established dozens of companies under its management in the fields of cellulosic, detergent, food, polymer, industrial, etc. And each of these Companies operate under familiar brand names in our beloved country.


Jahan Saderat private company was founded in 1986 by Asghar Fouladi. This company during the years of endeavor by managers, engineers and it’s hardworking staff has been managed to pass the growth and develop way quickly and eventually changed into the industrial group of Jahan Saderat in 2004.


The Industrial Group of Jahan Saderat as a parent company, in the production of consumer products, aims to increase the quality of life, create transcendental thrust and improve environment, and their organizational core and policies announced as follows

Create the organizational structure of the global class for parent company

Enhance the organization’s value chain

Human resources development

Increasing economic efficiency by utilizing the technical and managerial knowledge and making new world technologies localized

Discover consumer’s hidden demands and design production for the best products

Implementation of process quality control in all units and organizational categories

Commitment to continuous improvement and productivity promotion

Innovation and Services in World Class


Earning the highest share of products and service market in comparison to domestic and foreign competitors at the national and regional level


Our mission in Jahan Saderat industrial group as a native parent company is to create hundreds of companies with diverse, innovative and creative products in the field of consumer products with an attitude based on the environmental protection and the discovery of hidden demands and consumer satisfaction by utilizing all specialized capacity and internal human resources management and domestic and foreign capital

Principles of value

We as Holding Staff of Jahan Saderat holding, with reliance on God and based on human values feel ourselves responsible to customers, consumers, citizens, neighbors, human resources, shareholders, and all collaborative organizations, suppliers and We believe that we are committed to the rights of all the owners of the right to work in this field of activity, and we also treat with ethical obligations


Separuk Pakhsh Paydar Company was established in 2020 by Mr. Mohammad Fouladi. This company is working in the field of network marketing in our beloved country. During the last 2 years all branches of this company have been established and launched throughout the country and today thousands of young Iranians have become members of this company and are engaged in entrepreneurship independently, relying on new methods in marketing

Separuk Pakhsh Paydar Company


Sina Binesh Company

Sina Binesh Company started it’s activity as a producer of cosmetics, health and detergent products in 2006. At present, maintaining the development process as the third largest producer of cosmetics, health and detergents in Iran, has created many successful brands such as: Rapido, Heavenly, Evolon, Top Sun annd Only Good. The company's factory is located on an area of approximately 10,000 square meters, which includes various production lines and is increasingly developing a portfolio of personal care products, home care, fabric care and even animal detergents, as well as bacterial diagnostic kits

Amin Sadra Company

Amin Sadra Company was established in 2008 with the aim of producing and supplying products such as instant coffees, herbal and fruit teas, instant drink powder mixed with milk and tea, jelly powder and pudding at the level of international standards. Amin Sadra factory is located on a land of 1000 square meters in Oreh industrial town. This factory is currently operating with experienced staff and specialized managers in the field of coffee and powdered products. At the beginning of the production process in February 2020, the production of various instant coffee products was planned for the production of cappuccino, three in one, coffee mix using modern technologies of the world, and after that, the production lines were put into operation. In 2021, it launched its food industry products with the brands of Tamarin herbal teas and Fulcafe coffee


Big Whale Chain Stores

Big Whale chain stores started it’s work in 2020 with the construction of the first branch in the historic city of Natanz next to the Jahan Saderat Industrial Group production factories. Currently many branches of Big Whale have been developed in Isfahan province and in first phase of develop program the number of branches will reach to 1000 all over Iran. The most important goal of big whale is to present high quality and good price materials in the field of FMGC which is offering more than 1200 to 2000 items in the branches. The number of items will reach to 5000 after setting up the Big Whale’s online shop

Jahan Saderat Machine

Jahan Saderat Machine Company was established in 2005 by Mr. Ali Fooladi. In order to localize the technical knowledge and technology of all the machines required by Jahan Saderat Industrial Group, this company has created professional teams in the field of industrial automation, electronics, mechanics, drawing, etc. and now this company with utilization of 50 expert manpower and unique technical knowledge being the result of the years of stopless efforts is able to provide and make all of the machines and facilities needed for all producers in all over Iran

Parandis Cellulose Industries Company

Parandis Cellulose Industry Company was established in 2006 by Akbar Fouladi producing various types of paper napkins. The company, started to import paper napkin machines with the latest global technologies in several stages, and a project for the tissue paper’s production with a capacity of 25,000 tons is under construction right now

Ryan Trade Nika Rasam Global Distribution Company

Ryan Trade National Distribution Company was established in 2005 by Mr. Mohammad Fouladi working in the field of distribution of health and detergent products in Tehran. The first branch of this company was established in Tehran and gradually other branches in all provincial centers of the country have been established. At present, the company is one of the well-known distributors in promoting health and detergent products, with a fleet of trucks and vans and standard warehouses and hundreds of active manpower

Pars Tissue Company

Pars Tissue Company was established in 2013 by Mohammad Fouladi. In order to upgrade the capacity and produce new products in the field of cellulose industry, the company has used the import of a complete line of baby diapers and adult diapers from Italy, and all the mentioned machines have been fully exploited in 2015-2017. The company is currently producing baby diapers and adult diapers

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From the beginning, Jahan Saderat Holding, believing that the main asset of any organization is it’s human resources has made the recruitment of specialized and hard-working people the top priority of its human resources development strategies and by providing equal job opportunities for all graduates And organized the hiring of selected and qualified individuals to create and develop a distinct body of expertise and management. Working with motivated, professional and knowledgeable people in your field is a good platform for growth and career improvement. To join us, you can refer to the table of job opportunities in this section, and if you are eligible to send Know the job application, complete and submit the relevant form. After the initial evaluation of your application, you will be contacted according to the usual organizational procedures in Jahan Saderat Holding

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In order to expand the supply chain and to identify suppliers for cooperation in the group's projects, Jahan Saderat Holding’s Vice President of Commerce has created a database of suppliers. In this regard, for reputable and capable domestic and foreign companies applying for cooperation with Jahan Saderat Holding, it is necessary to register in the supplier database, proceed as follows; After reading the website of Jahan Saderat Holding, if the field of activity of the applicant companies is in line with the needs of Jahan Saderat Holding, please proceed to the "Supplier Information Form" through the following link. After checking the forms, Jahan Saderat Holding’s Vice President of Commerce, sends an email to the e-mail introduced by the suppliers if necessary



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